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The oldest settlement before Roman winning was situated on the southeast peninsula, called today Kaldanec. The medieval town was built on this narrow peninsula, its main popular was during 11 – 15th century. The development finished with the start of Venice domination. But the worst failure occurred after destructive epidemic, when the town almost died out. The revival came again at beginning of 20th century. The town becomes a spa and the town gets a myth of nice resort and climatic spa. The fountain with statuary of legends Kalifronta and Draga are located on the main square. The another interest point are reminds of church of St. Ivan, from 7th century. Next to it is another church (church of St. Cross) from 16th century. The cathedral of St. Marija Velka with tower was built in the 12th century.

The tower (25m) stays on the rests of Roman’s construction and it is separated to the 4 floors. The monastery of Frantisek and baroque church of St. Anton built in year 1675 is located on the end of peninsula.

The race of cross-bow shooting and dancing is on the day of St. Kristof (27th of July). Periodic Thursday’s concerts in the church of St. Cross are from June till September at 21 hours. The most popular disco is San Antonio located behind the Municipimum market, another one is in International hotel and in hotel Padova.

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Portal of Nimira palace
St. Mary church - interior
St. Mary church - portal


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